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One of my favourite creations I made for TS3 was my cuffed sweatpants, so I had to have them for TS4 too. It took a while to get this project off the ground since I started them around the time of the GTW update that messed up CAS categorisation.

When wearing trousers with two or more pleats. Over time, British influencers began to adopt the cuff as the go-to method of finishing a pair of slacks. Cuffs are also ideal if you live in a region with inclement weather where snow , sleet, and rain are regular gifts from the sky. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off.

I think the cuffs on those pants help to weigh down the fabric because I swear I get less wrinkles in the cuffed pants than the non-cuffed pants. Also I think if men can wear “Go to Hell Pants” then so can I. May be why the cuffed pants are also bright yellow and .
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Inside Out Cuffed Sweatpants. YOU ALSO MIGHT LIKE About the Designer After graduating from Otis College of Art and Design, Megan George and Michelle Wenke parted ways, Megan to start her own line, George, and Michelle to work as a stylist. They reunited to bring us MONROW, an under-the-radar line of well-constructed and elemental clothing.
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There are only two ways to finish a pair of pants. You can either hem the bottom of each leg, or you can turn them up into a cuff. For most men these days, the hem is the go-to choice. However, the cuff, or turn-ups as the Brits call it, is a medallion of sartorial excellence and a hallmark of well.
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I am pretty clumsy by nature, so I try to avoid things that seem especially likely to result in an accident. Except it happened to me in a glass-enclosed stairwell overlooking a street full of people. Luckily, my catlike speed and reflexes allowed me to catch myself with one hand on either stair railing, head down, feet up.

That said, I still love a straight-legged pant with a cuff and a round-toe pump or pointed toe flat. Easy, because we like the heels more than the cuffs. So, not an issue. Not AT work, but getting there and getting home from there. What do people do, change their clothes before leaving work, picking up kids, commuting home?

Heel got stuck in the cuff, tumbled down, and then had to get my heel, which had tore a hole in the cuff, extracted from the cuff before I could get up again. Lucky for me, just minor bruises and embarrassment. Swore off cuffs after that.

Did this at an interview. Fell literally flat on my face in front of the hiring coordinator. But I got the job! This happened to me last year! I was walking down the stairs at my apartment building to leave for work, and my heel got stuck in one of my pant cuffs, sending me flying down the entire flight of stairs. I can laugh about it now, but boy did it hurt at the time!

My legs had ton of bruises and scrapes, and I was sore for at least a week. Luckily, no one saw me, and I never even told anyone because I was so embarrassed! I am eternally grateful for these other replies; I feel a little less embarrassed now.

I am sort of ridiculously comforted by how many people have experienced this! Am I really wrong to do this? I love wide-leg pants and some of them look unfinished without a cuff. I have several pairs of wide legged cuffed trousers that I wear to work with my heels and they brush the floor and I think I look fabulous in. My opinion is that if you look nice in it and it makes you FEEL good then keep doing you.

And pleats are a morality issue as much as a test for head injuries just kidding…but if someone could get my husband out of pleat front pants I would be eternally grateful. Accidentally put bleach in the laundry with his pants. Buy him a bunch of new pants as an apology.

It really was an accident when I did this. Very different pants replaced the ruined pair — lemonade out of lemons, no? But it would involve getting the somethings-who-still-shave-off-their-sideburns that are his superiors to ditch their pleats first. Today I am wearing cuffed wide-leg pants similar to example 3 Robert Rodriguez , but mine almost cover my high heels. The styling is similar, i. Guess what — I look taller and thinner in this often-worn outfit and as a matter of fact before reading this post, when I was in front of the mirror, I thought that I looked really nice, better than in items generally considered more appropriate for my body type, e.

To each her own. Personally, I basically never notice cuffs. I like the look of a wide leg cuffed pant appropriately lengthed with a cuff. I never really thought about whether the pants make me look shorter or taller or my legs look longer.

I thought they looked nice as part of the outfit I was wearing, and that they were appropriate for my workplace. Then I left the house for work…. I think I look like Katherine Hepburn in them. I am wearing a pair of pants today that I just got back from my, uh, mom, who hemmed them, and she removed the cuff. I think cuffs are fine. I have cuffs on several pairs of wider legged, flat-front, linent dress pants. I think the cuffs on those pants help to weigh down the fabric because I swear I get less wrinkles in the cuffed pants than the non-cuffed pants.

May be why the cuffed pants are also bright yellow and coordinate with a nautical striped shirt and blazer. Some styles of pant look unfinished without cuffs IMHO. I think it looks good!

I am not going to dress every day trying to pretend like my legs are five feet long. I have no desire to walk around in short shorts and flip-flips with heels all day so we can pretend like my legs are longer than they are.

Advantage of having super short legs — I still hold the high school record in my high school for the V-Sit-And-Reach I went something crazy like 14 inches past my feet. That record is 13 years old. So I have curly hair on top and janky, angled curls where the treatment is kinda sorta washing out.

Waiting until my hair is long enough so I can start cutting the treated hair off but not look like little orphan Annie. For Keratin treatments and brazilian blowouts, if you want to extend their lifespan, then use sulfate free shampoos and use them less frequently. Ergo, if you want to get it out of your hair quicker, shampoo like a mad woman! I just had mine done this past weekend and stylist said it could last from 2 to 6 months depending on how your hair takes to it.

Can you use regular shampoo and see if it helps it go? I have to say I was disappointed with the level of anti-curl. There also is a really bad odor when it gets wet like in the shower or when I have a baseball cap on and am hiking with the dog. Please tell me that smell will lessen over time? THIS is my fear of doing anything more than flat iron my curls… how do you do the in between phases.

And yes, it just takes WAY too long to straighten on a regular basis. I had it blown out several times in May for various functions graduation, photos, etc. Just not worth it. Sorry, I used the wrong handle in my reply. The last thing I need is to make my legs look longer. I look disproportionate enough already!

I agree, some people are just not tall and thin or leggy. Maybe a chunkier heel low to mid-height maybe? Also, I sometimes wear cuffed wide-leg pants when I want to look more…substantial, to take up more space. I took a drawing class years ago, and my two takeaways were: When I shop for clothes, I want to find something that makes MY figure look as good as it can, not like I have an altogether different shape.

Not everyone is aiming to look as tall and thin and hourglass-shaped as possible all day every day. Although I am tall and thin, I am a pear with AAs. Some of the most insensitive comments I get are from women who are also from the IBTC who project their issues onto bra-free me. I will never look like a supermodel but can emphasize what leg length I do have by e. I feel like I am losing at my day when I start thinking about nomming at 11 am. I think because I typically eat a lighter breakfast, I tend to start wanting my lunch by around 11am.

Usually, I have a small late afternoon snack to make up for the early lunch. Kat, you are so wrong. I have my tailor cuff them for me.

The only case against cuffs that I can think of is that if you catch your stiletto heel in one you will fall on your face, most likely in front of your boss and your most important client.

Admittedly, this is a hazard pencil-skirt wearers will never face. I agree with your sentiment. At least half of my work wardrobe pants are cuffed. Interestingly, however, none of my suit pants are cuffed.

When my SO gets his suits tailored, he has to very strongly insist that the tailor not create cuffs. Tailors seem to still default to cuffs for mens suits, even for flat front. Do not under any circumstances wear cuffed pants if you are clumsy. One morning I walked down the stairs in my cuffed pants, managed to get my high heel caught in the cuff, and ripped the pants so badly that the tailor said they could not be salvaged.

I will never wear cuffed pants again. I see that this has already been discussed, so to reiterate: Well, clumsy people can wear them with wedges or thicker heels.

I love cuffs, particularly on winter-weight pants. I have three pairs of trouser pants from jcrew that I purchased about 2 years ago one is a winter weight heavier wool- the University Trouser, the others are a structured stretch cotton- Durham pant I believe that are cuffed and I LOVE them. I think a lot has to do with the length of the pant and the shoe worn.

Can anyone suggest a good charity where I can volunteer in the DC area? Needs to be metro accessible. Looking for someplace where I can do something physically , rather than a desk-type volunteer. Plus, it would not hurt to be reminded of how fortunate I am despite the job situation, and to focus on the plight of others rather than on myself. I always love Habitat for physical volunteer work: This was discussed recently. Check out DC Central Kitchen! You can volunteer to do food prep, service, gardening, all kinds of things.

Food and Friends is also a great organization to help out. And honestly their employees are a blast. I think volunteering is a great way to make use of your time while job-hunting. You can help and at the same time develop useful skills that are pertinent to your career. I have a few pairs of pants and a couple suits that are cuffed and minus my issues with being clumsy, I love them.

I put glitter in my cuffs so when I walk, it spills out, leaving a trail of sparkly goodness. If you want to chat about allergy shots feel free to email me at binthebayou at gmail dot com. I like cuffs — they just have to be the right scale! But on a pair of wide legged not nec.

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