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Really not expecting to get my problem resolved, no time soon, either find another service provider,or just continue to deal with the drop in service! I have to deal with what they call Customer Service and it is a nightmare. We have 6 cell phone lines, internet, u-verse, and digital life. The worst company ever!

Aug 23,  · AT&T History. The American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T for short) has a long history dating back to Alexander Graham Bell. In recent history, the company was known as SBC Communications after the government break-up of the original AT&T in /5().
Nov 10,  · Great benefits such as K and health insurance. Lots of room to grow and get promoted quickly as Current Employee - Retail Management.
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My efforts to address the amount owed have been flipped back and forth from ATT and Direct TV several times and nothing has been solved to-date.

Let me make it clear, I would still like to have the Uverse and a phone line at Clay Street but the ordeal that I have gone through leaves a very bitter experience and taste in my mouth.

This account was opened on March 1, and was closed on July 27 or 28, Problem The combination of ATT and Direct TV billing in one account was a disaster where no one person understood or had access to the entire bill. I have spent at least six hours trying to unravel the billing nightmare with the collection agencies and Direct TV and ATT billing personnel. At the time the account was closed the payments made were way in excess of the agreed billing plan.

I am sure that I am not alone with this billing problem. Let me suggest that ATT and Direct TV should break up this union if they intend to serve their customers with integrity and transparency. I intend to raise and this problem to the highest level s of management and look forward to a resolution and credit to my account so that I can decide the way forward.

I came home one day in June to find that I had no dial tone on my landline. The technician and I went through troubleshooting for an hour that did not work. I called again in September and spent another hour on the phone and finally a technician suggested to send a Tech out. The two Techs that were in my home both agreed that I should get a credit for all the months that I had no service from June to September.

When I called back the customer service rep tells me that my issue did not justify a credit for that period because her notes said my phone was fixed when I got off the phone with their reps the first couple times I called. I told her that was nonsense because the only way to have my phone fixed was to have a Tech show up to access the box in my closet.

My phone never worked from June to that time. I escalated to a manager and she only gave me a credit from Aug. Mind you it is a brand new cordless phone that I am currently using till this day. Bottom Line is, ATT will do anything to keep from refunding you your hard earned money. Their service is unsatisfactory!!! I deserve a credit from the time I called in June with my first complaint until the day the Tech came to fix my phone line!!!

They have kept my money in their own pocket instead of rightfully giving it back to me! Everyone know that their services are very expensive. The worst company ever! I will be moving out of this apartment just because of the number of unsatisfactory events that were not handled properly.

Hate it, should be one price, the end. Renegotiated contract in August, told would receive same contract as previous years due to good customer for decades, and never missing one payment, never!

Payment made, early, as usual. This month, received 4 different notices of amount due, all 4 reflecting differing amounts. Was lectured about importance in paying bill, spoke in very condescending manner, refused to realize I was told other parties guaranteed contract and I was paying what told, I had been paying what I was told, obvious I was trying!

Would call Monday and try to get resolved. Contacted office of President, they have proof I have been trying to get this resolved computer notes , and are trying to get service reinstated until issue can be resolved. We brought a new home last year so I call direct tv not att , we did a two year plan for So ATT let me tell you I will do without then to have anything to do with ATT, and also by the way you talk to the US when you order from them any thing goes wrong afterward you talk to some oversea….

He looked at me like I had 2 heads. This is the second time I have had issues with this store. I will never step foot in that store again! As a retired employee it is difficult to realize how ATT can arbitrarily raise my rate when a 2 year contract was obtained. That is when my nightmare started with ATT.

I called ATT approx. I was able to reinstate my Internet promotion; however the monthly phone bill issue has been a nightmare. All I did was change a phone number. At one time ATT was a huge corporation and was broken up by the Government. Appears they are too big again. I would like to see my issue resolved but I am not holding my breath. The first responders were amazing helping getting the infrastructure back up and going fairly quickly.

Cudjoe Key was one of the last to be reconnected to water, electric and other nessities. Comcast not only told customers there would be nor charge to them till they had been restored, they also were restored to internet weeks ago. Many were in the Phillipines and really were clueless to what had just happen here in Florida Keys. They even admitted it. We were told that a ticket had been issued and someone would be coming out to help us.

As you can guess no one showed up even after serveal tickets were issued. Really…we walked out side and looked everywhere and even down the street…no one was here. She called 3 more times to say someone was coming.

She stated she escalated the ticket, Still no one. ATT customer service is failing miserably and we have seen on social media that thousands if not more across the US feel the same way. I can say for a fact on Cudjoe Key Nextdoor the sentiment it that many are going to change to Comcast. ATT lost an major opportunity to step up to the plate and take care of thier loyal customers.

My husband runs his business from his home office and having internet it critical. We are seriously considering changing to another carrier. And for sure will be using social media to share our experience with ATT. On August 28th, I lost my home in the flood. I have moved in with my Dad, temporarily. I have repeatedly called to get an update…to NO avail. On Wednesday of last week, I called again.

A service tech was scheduled to come out on Thurs…between 1: I called again and was told that the service had been placed on hold because they were still working on a cable. Of course, no one bothered to notify us. I just called again. I was transferred 3 different times…to people that I cannot understand…and who cannot understand me. For many, many years I had your roadside assistance, which we practically never used.

I have been trying to get my monies back from Allied Dispatch since July 1 to no avail. I have been given nothing but the run around by a Tiffany Hughes and an Ashley Vaughn, both of who are totally incompetent and useless.

I have a folder full of emails from both of these young ladies assuring me that they are working on my reimbursement, but to date, I have not seen my money. I was told originally that it would take at least 30 days for me to get my money back, but I think 90 days is a bit excessive.

My recommendation would be for someone to look into the service that they are providing on your behalf. Today has been a bad day with att. I have talked talked to Janey x2 ,sherri and sheree who gave me a phone number for Gloria my case manager case NC of which when I called that number the person sheree she was really argumentative with me and said this was the employee emergency number.. I called back to att got janey again and told her what sheree said that this number was att employee emergency phone number.

I made the biggest mistake almost 9 months ago. Never used the service before. I tried for 6 months to correct my billing. I signed up for the My services were turned off on two occasions and phone line interrupted once with a 98 year old person living in the home.

The representatives basically called me a lie after reading all the notes and stating I decline the I paid over 1, You figure the math. I had a different account with the same problem.

The only difference is that they told me I was lying after the 1st bill came out. There are a few honest people in the company. Another representative sent me the original contract show I signed up for the bundle package for I refused to by the I certainly hope that this will be reviewed and responded to by someone in authority. If not, I will continue to write and call until I receive satisfaction. If all else fails, I will take it to the news station.

Direct TV was there at the same time. That was the biggest mistake we ever made. He calmly came in the house and announced that there was a broken pipe. We immediately turned the water off to the house. The plumber asked to turn the water back on, and when it was, found that there was another pipe broken. The plumber was trying to discover why the water pressure was low.. Turned the water off again, and fixed the second pipe.

Our garage ceiling fell in , the kitchen ceiling, the master bath and the third bedroom. All of our wood flooring had to be taken up, the walls cut, to remove the insulation that was wet soaked. Roto Rooter was there for 4 days, drying out and removing the damaged walls, floors, etc. Roto Rooter submitted an extensive, detailed report, complete with photographs of all of the damage.

We cannot stay at the house due to the open ceilings, walls, exposed insulation and all of the dust from removing the flooring, walls and ceilings. I have COPD, and just finished fighting breast cancer. My husband has had open heart surgery and suffers from PTSD. This situation is not helping any of this. This will include flooring, replacing the ceilings, walls, insulation, kitchen cabinets and painting everything again.

We are not asking for anything that we are not entitled to. We just want our house put back the way it was. If that happens, we will be suing for the house to be fixed, and, damages and emotional distress for all that we are having to endure.

The sad part is that we had already remodeled the house. However, I would never recommend this company or Direct TV to anyone. Zero customer service, questionable integrity and unbelievably incompetent. I finally had to cancel for my sanity. I will never every use any of ATT services or recommend them to anyone. I hope this review gets read in time to discourage possible perspective customers from making a huge mistake in going with U verse. I sadly backed in to U verse 10 years ago.

I was on the phone at that time discussing a problem with ATT, when the customer service person suggested U verse to me. I made notes along the way of that conversation, and not having a current provider made the mistake of joining U verse.

That unfortunately turned out to be a lie. You are probably asking why did I stay with U verse for almost 10 years. Every single time I had a rate increase or an incorrect charge, U verse was quick to help and do the right thing at MY expense. Let me state that from the get go, I had a bundle, of phone,internet, and TV. So, in reality you would not have your bundle ending on the same anniversary date as when you started with U verse.

Than you have to do a song and dance, dump through hoops, COMPLAIN, and than they help you by finally doing the right thing and make the proper credits. The final straw was when I had enough of U verse, and finally severed the relationship this year on May 19th.

I actually told them 3 weeks prior that I wanted everything cancelled on May 19, and that I was going with a new provider. I was on the phone with your customer service for over 2hrs. This had to do with your one of your many employee who sold me a phone and Insurance. I asked twice and have a witness if there was a deductible for use of insurance, he told me straight out NO!! The phone was not dropped and the agent at the apple store even inspected it and said it was a fall-tee screen.

I feel you need to train your employee not to lie just to make quick sale. Dear leader Twitterlini must think these young men and children are his new Brown Shirts.

I have been calling the store mgr. Brian and he tells me they are backordered month. I spoke to Deanna at ATT, and told it expired the end on march. And we should of received it last month. Since calling around I just found out that I had to send in my final bill for the switch.

I entered them on June Got shot down 4 X. I am so tired of me doing the work. I will be glad to let the BBB know how your company work and the mgr Brian works.

The same thing is happening to me right now. Last month they did. He called last time and said my emails were going to spam. He said he fixed that and had me email him right then. He got that email. I have been told nothing but lies by this company, and I have been with them for 30 years! I have joined your feed and look forward to in the hunt for extra of your magnificent post.

It would be refreshing to actually have real news reported detailing the facts from all sides, not contrived drivel. Both broadcast and print news is sorely lacking such an unbiased information source at this time. Everything is opinion and innuendo. I and my family will be watching. I spent 3 hours on the chat line trying to get service for a landline that was out. The chat line is overseas and the person will call you and promise service.

If you are going to give up they will connect you with a line that rings for 10 — 15 minutes with no answer. After 3 hours I was finally connected to a live person who connected me with a repairman and was told it would be 6 days before our landline can be repaired. And all they want to do is sell products and leave you in the ditch when your service goes out.

Also watch out if you have a landline — they have made it known they are getting out of the landline business — another reason why we have to wait 6 days for repair! Why was my complaint removed from the site? Maybe someone of Power can help us. I Pray all of ayou will do the same. I am tired of talking to your customer service department and speak to representative from other countries.

There are constant communication barriers that provide for poor customer service. I do everything I am told to do and still it does not get resolved.

This has been an ongoing issue since May 3, when I signed up for the bundle deal with Direct TV, phone and internet. I finally got it scheduled for May 19, The next day I found out that I had to pick my dad up from Chemotherapy so I called to reschedule until May 22, I called 4 times and did chat and was assured that it had been changed.

I also got a call from James in the porting department that my number had been ported and that they would be out on May 22, to finish installing my phone. I took the day off. No one ever showed up to install the phone or internet. I contacted chat and was assured that they would be out that day May 22, No one ever showed. I called the escalation department on Tuesday May 23, and was told that they had come on the 19th and that no one was home.

They then transferred me to the order department where I was told that the order had been closed since the work had been done. How can the order be closed when the work had not been done. They then transferred me to the repair department since they said this was now a repair not an order. The repair department gave me the runaround and would not tell me what the issue was and would not schedule anyone to come out. They then transferred me to a Ms.

Black who informed me that since my phone was still active with Time Warner Customer Service had to do something or they could not finish the install. She said this at least 10 times. She told me I would have to call customer service the next day because it was 6: Which made no sense to me but I did as she asked and called back Wednesday May 24, and was told that my number has been ported, that I was already being charged for the phone and internet and that a technician was scheduled to come out on Monday May 29, between 9: I took the day off again and no one shows up.

I lost 8 hours of holiday pay because of it. If I had worked I would have gotten paid the extra 8 hours for the holiday. The stress has been so much on me that last week I wound up in the emergency room with chest pains. I am changing to your service because of money yet you have cost me a lot. I am still having to pay for Time Warner which is twice as high as you are. I have talked to the following departments numerous times without ever getting the same answer: I have also put in complaints with Corporate and Social Media.

If my social media at my company did that they would get fired. I do Customer Service and we have to be honest with our Customers, help them resolve their issues on the first call, give them correct information and treat them as important since they are our life line.

NO ONE wants to help or give me the correct information. Your customer service is horrible. I made an appointme to get service installed on the 23rd. The tech came and had the wrong equipment. He was there for 10 hours and 3 days later, i still have no service.

The equipment is installed, but no service. No one can yell me why. So, when your equipment comes back to you smashed into little pieces, i wont be able to tell you why, it just is! You cant even get to a person that can solve the problem, just people who tell you different stories.

Worst customer service ever. In late January of this year I decided to switch my Internet and TV service to Spectrum, as they provided similar services actually, slightly higher Internet speed and the promise of great customer service. I started from the beginning, explaining that as of Jan 29 I had Spectrum as my provider, therefore did not need two different providers and two separate bills.

I was told that I will need to return the equipment and that my request will be processed. Unfortunately, I had to go out of town and was unable to take care of that for few weeks — when I returned, there was another bill, even higher, waiting for me. I called customer service once again end of March and I explained to them the situation — they told me that they do see where I requested for my service to be terminated in February!

I did so within a few days. The representative I spoke with was very courteous — I explained to him the situation I was in, and he told me that as I am switching back, as soon as all equipment was received, the slate will be wiped clean.

I proceeded to cancel my service with Spectrum and switched back. Both representatives apologized for any confusion and instructed me to disregard the bill. I spoke with a representative who informed that I need to return the U-verse equipment. I informed her that I had already done so, and I requested to speak with her supervisor.

I was on hold for 55 minutes. I hung up and called again — I was transferred 2 times; when finally someone got on the phone, they reviewed my account and informed me that I have a 0. I was put on hold and had to hang up 45 minutes later, as no one picked up. For whatever reason, the U-verse part seems to have fallen through the cracks, I have to wonder if I made a mistake in switching back — the fact that I receive different and contradictory information not only when I speak with different representatives, but also when I speak with only one, along with the lack of access to a supervisor, makes me very uneasy about the current and potential future need of assistance from customer service.

Day 1, DirecTV installed satellite in bad location, installed inside incorrectly, never tuned for signal. The remote malfunctioned that day.

I called DirecTV, spoke with a spv. I asked if he had to quit school early and how he was able to obtain a position there! I informed him I would call the Arbitration Board first, then Corporate and file other complaints as well! I did exactly what I stated! I informed him I had a name and password for the router, an email address and password for the att account. He looked at my 2 laptops, desktop, 3 iPads, a Mac, 4 iPhones, and 5 other cellphones. I was talking to a brick wall with solid mortar!

He went out, back in about 4 times, then announced he was all done! Needless to say I was angry! The Arbitration Board did FedEx overnight to me a replacement remote! Later in the afternoon of day 3, I went to the store. Upon my return in my mailbox was an envelope. I opened it and went totally ballistic!! Here another person has signed my name!! The outrage had my blood pressure just skyrocket!! This was over a year ago! He also repaired and reinstalled the inside connection properly for the t.

Just before the end of , my phone worked for 28 hrs! For example, the service goes out at least 5 times a week right in the middle of a show.

I upgraded the internet speed to highest level, but I found it to be slower than before. The price continues to rise. I eliminated the add on movie channels and still the cost if just too much. I tried to rationalize this, thinking the service is part of my entertainment budget for the month. Looking at it that way resulted in me having to be a homebody since it was getting so expensive.

She goes on to tell me the rep must have gotten my verbal consent for this and followed up with an email that confirmed the cancellation fee. The bottom line is that I was not informed of another year service or a verbal contract. The email was not a verbal or written contract either. They could not show me what I signed to agree to this 1 yr contract and then early cancellation fee. Show me my consent. Now they think I will just agree to this termination fee.

We sign contracts from many things these days such as buying a home, a car, renting a home, etc. Never in a million years would a verbal consent even be considered in these legal transactions. Be aware of these tactics. I am sure they figure it is too much work for customers to dispute these fees, but not me, lol. Please read transcript chat Reference Number: I called customer service yesterday around I chatted with Kristoffer S online and reset my cycled as Peter Promise.

But still not happy about customer service manager and representative whom said that it was impossible for me as a customer. They also said they gave me the wrong information. They treated me as a liar and is not good form me and my family. I have had DirecTV service for 17 years and they have always provided great service.

Gave all pectinate information for the relocation of service. He leaves because his work order did not have the wireless genies on it. The following day a tech shows up and leaves. By this time I have already spent several hours on the phone with customer service trying to get it worked out.

On Friday they send a tech to my old address. Finally on Saturday a tech shows up and his work order is wrong but he makes a call and gets it corrected and the service installed. It took 5 techs, me having to take off a week and at least 8 hours on the phone to get service. The easy move was not that at all!! I would love for someone other than customer service to call me and explain what happened. It made the chore of moving even more stressful and aggregating.

I have employees and customer service, If they all acted tis way I would not be in business very long. If you could give a negative star I would. I have been waiting for 7 days for a response from a supervisor in San Diego named Alfonso. His voice mail says he will get back in 24 hours. I have called 4 times in that period no response. In the past I have been hung up on and essentially lied too. My first call, the customer service rep wanted to go line by line of the bill which I had already explained to him which parts of the bill were in dispute, I explained to him that I understood the bill and I found to be an overcharge.

He kept excusing himself and placing me on hold, this went on for a half hour, suddenly, I was transferred to someone else who was extremely rude and hung up on me. Then I call back, again, I wait to be assisted by the next available customer service rep, who again wants to go over the bill line by line, I was patiently allowing the rep to go through parts of the bill, when I finally said, look, I know what part of the bill I am disputing and I would like to go over why I am being over charged, she kept placing me on hold, once again I am being placed on hold, this time for longer times, when she finally came back on the line, I immediately asked for a manager.

He stumbled for a bit, and I ended the call. I spoke to 5 people total, spent over an hour and had nothing to show for it except wasted time. This is unacceptable and should be reviewed by corporate headquarters! These are the people you have representing your company, as a consumer of your products, I am outraged! I have read countless comments writing complaints to corporate about some of the very same things I have today, have their voices fallen on deaf ears as mine will?

I need assistance with a rebate. I call customer service and they tell me to call the rebate center, the rebate center says it is not through them and sends me back to customer service. This has been going on for over a month. No one seems to be able to help me. Is there someone I can call that can help me clear up this matter. Can someone please help me so my bill can be correct going forward?

My partner and I stumbled over here by a different web address and thought I may as well check things out. Look forward to checking out your web page again. Its truly amazing paragraph, I have got much clear idea regarding from this piece of writing. I wish that everyone with a problem like all of us who posted here would just not pay them.

Just stop using them. And open a line with another company. I wish that we could all do this all in One day so that they will lose as much money and time and have all the emotional distress we have all been fir ed to suffer through since they bought direct tv.

They are literally a company from the Twilight Zone. A class action suite in in the future for these two fraud conspirators.

Direct TV personnel appear to be trained con artist. They even hire foreign language cust serv. Completely designed to deceive sales and service. Register your mail, log and record your phone calls, keep your fax transmission reports. Send everything to the three credit bureaus. Communication companies designed not to use written means of communicating. We all need to pull together and bring a claim against them. I want out of the damn contract. They said that they could provide internet service but when they came out; of corse not.

For signing up for the promotional deal that we would receive a gift card of And I am paying even more a mouth for everything when I had it a lot cheaper with Charter. I would have a better chance of winning the lottery than throwing a sock off the top of a cell tower on someone working on the ground below me….

I have nothing left to lose …. Today I spent almost minutes on the phone, spoke to, or got transferred to about six representatives, and still did not get my billing issues resolved with ATT. I was told my bill would be a certain amount and it is always more. I have to deal with what they call Customer Service and it is a nightmare. I think that I have things straightened out and then I get an E-Mail saying that my amount is the same as I just disputed.

Nobody knows what they are doing. I got an upgrade in internet service for free only to discover that I had been charged. I hate talking to someone with the accent and there is always so much noise in the background. Did I say that I hate this company.

I need someone from corporate to contact me. I have a problem that only you can solve. Customer service can not. For simple instructions Your company is lacking. This is my first visit to your blog! We are a team of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the same niche.

Your blog provided us valuable information to work on. You have done a wonderful job! I was injured today riding my bike when a wire hanging from your lines hooked my bike throwing me off. I have an injured knee and back and damage to my bike Please contact me.

Hey there, You have done a great job. Think of the efficiency and the cost savings to your company. One manager instead of??? One group instead of 10??? No more runaround when you need service. Make it so Randall! Since moving 6 months ago and transferring my ATT service to my new home it has been a disaster and an utter nightmare.

I have called so many times regarding my spotty almost non existent DSL service I should probably be receiving a paycheck from ATT for the countless hours I have spent trying to rectify my issues. I have had it!!!! I get surveys from ATT all the time but I seriously doubt that they even get read because if they did then maybe someone would be concerned enough to contact me to try to correct the issues I am having. I used to think Comcast was a horrible company but ATT is just as bad! I doubt this email will even get any attention!

Surveys are read, just that the only part that counts is your rating of the agent answering the phone, if you deal with more than 1 person, the 1st agent is the only agent the survey is about. Every weekend i used to pay a visit this site, because i wish for enjoyment, since this this web page conations really good funny material too. He was the most patient, kind, informative and helpful customer service representative that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with, bar none. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to deal with such a wonderful person as Goddex.

I just had to find a way to bring it to your attention, as I was so impressed with the high quality of customer service I received from Goddex W. Please thank him again for providing me with such excellent service. He is an absolutely wonderful human being, and was genuinely helpful in every way. Special Kudos and Blessings to Goddex W.! I dont even have their direct tv services but have been charged for three months now.

And when i didnt pay the direct tv part of the bill, they turned off our families 5 lines until we paid direct tv and the restarting fee. I called them the company from the Twilight Zone. Since they bought DirecTV they have ruined a good thing. Neither knows anything about billing and the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

I have spend TWO hours trying to fix my bill and no one after five transfers could fix the issue. I lowered my services to lower the bill but the bill went up. I think Randall Stephenson and his team should pay attention to customers as I will be history when my contract ends. Need to fix your own problems so you ca have happy customers. I have had your u-verse service for five plus years. One day on or around May 29, , I called into your Digital Life department after seeing a commercial on television.

I asked him several times could he match that price or beat that price. Clinton told me he could. He started explaining what you all had to offer. He told me that you were running a promotion for. I chose the garage door pad because we use the garage door more than the front door.

We scheduled for you all to come out and install your digital life in my house. Around June 6, , a rep came at the scheduled time; he uninstalled my alarm system and video system, and then explained that I was only getting one camera. I told him to take it back, and reinstall my cameras and alarm system. He asked me to give him a minute; that he was calling his supervisor.

He told me I would have 14 days to cancel my service. They ran tests, and told me they would schedule someone to come out. After the tech came out and witnessed me not being able to use the phone, he put another junction box in the wall; it worked for a couple of days and started doing the same thing all over again.

I have to get out of my car, and push the manual push buttons on the garage door to get it to close. I called in again. They scheduled a tech to come out again. Once the tech was here, he ran his tests, and told me nothing was wrong with the system even though he saw me not able to connect to the WIFI standing in the back of my house. I called in again, and spoke with a u-verse supervisor by the name of TOM.

We were on the phone for over an hour and 45 minutes. He explained Clinton could not drop my u-verse bill. That was the best he could do. In fact, I switched to Sprint for a day a few years back and they cut my bill in half but had absolutely no service at home. So I came back to Verizon with open arms and they even bought everyone new phones to show us how happy they were to have us back. Hearing this, I am like okay…let me go ahead and give them a shot. There are a few people standing at the door for the Note 7 release, but not to worry I was at the store the day prior and they said not to worry, there will be plenty of phones.

Doors open at 10AM and we are the 3rd customer to be greeted. The representative said, well actually we take you first in that case.

Unfortunately we had to stay there as hostages from 10am-2pm. Most ridiculous process ever. Supposedly there were server problems preventing phones from being able to be purchased. Why did it feel like I was in a 3rd world country? I asked for an S2 Classic Gear Watch and they said they were out, but they would order me one and ship it to my house.

I was like, okay that is fine. It took like 5 minutes and it was done. Fast forward to today Aug. I was advised to come to the store if that was the case and they would get me the S2 Gear Sports watch with no problem.

He said he could cancel my order and get this done. He said he could try to waive it, but it could take day. I asked, how could this take a day when it took 5 minutes last time? I informed him, I am going to lunch and shopping…but when I get back I expect the approval to be completed and the watch be in a bag for pickup. I asked for a manager and he told me there is nothing that he can do.

After explaining the whole situation above, the manager informed me it was approved an hour ago. So how is it than in 3 minutes, I go from no approval, to it was approved an hour ago. Then the representative had an attitude with me and asked me very rudely if I would like a bag.

I told him he has already been helpful enough. The look on his face and the body language he provided was very unbecoming of any customer representative I have seen before. This transition period has taken away 8 hour of my life in your store. Verizon told me they were sorry to hear me go, but they would make it worth my while to come back. My thoughts are to waive all activation fees at the very least!

Back up Battery for Uverse. When we bought Uverse voice and internet we were told to buy a backup battery. We had a power outage for 2hrs and the computer stayed on but our cordless phone did not -becuz there was no power. The back of the bill says to get a backup battery for voice services including I was on the phone first with sales because I assumed they sell the battery backup when you buy Uverse who sshot me over to Technical Support, and I was on the phone for 54 minutes with a woman with an Indian accent who assured me there was no way to hook a cordless base to the battery.

I hung up on her in frustration. I called the concession dept. She wanted to send me to Technical Support and I begged her to listen to my problem first. She did and switched me to someone who said we needed another part to attach to the battery so that the cordless base could be plugged into it.

Please teach your people!!! This is so frustrating! I signed up on the 8th. He stated everything was installed before he left. When I tried to use the phone a few hours later, it was not working.

I called the installer back the next day and he told me he would check with his supervisor and get back with me. I never heard another word from him. After numerous attempts to reach a live customer service representative, I finally used the automated system. I went thru all of the recommended steps, still no service. I finally reached a foreign representative who I could hardly understand and again we went thru several different steps, still no service. At least she scheduled me for another appt.

When he came out he asked me if the previous tech had finished installing the phone and I said that he had told me it was all hooked up prior to his leaving. So, once again the installation process began, however, once again he could not get my phone hooked up. By the way, I have 2 phone outlets in my house. Only one was ever hooked up, so he said I will need to get a sat phone. When he left I had what was once my kitchen phone hooked up directly to the modem in the spare bedroom so it would work.

No kitchen, no master bedroom phones. In addition, I have been unable to set up my voice mail as every time I go thru the steps I was instructed to do, all I get is a busy signal. The next Wednesday after this Sunday, they were supposed to come out and bury my cable. I got home from work, the cable had not been buried.

After screaming at the automated system that I wanted to talk to a live rep, I was finally transferred to a real, English-speaking rep. I told him about all the problems I had had, including the fact that the cable had not been buried.

He checked and said the invoice stated it had been done and he asked me to check! I said the cable is lying on the ground and has not been buried. He again scheduled someone to come out the next morning to bury the cable and told me he would call me at noon today and make sure everything had been done.

It is now 1 pm and I have heard nothing from the rep I spoke to yesterday. I am also concerned because the cable is not attached in any way running up the pole and will be left hanging and blowing in the wind if it is not, as well as with the fact that I cannot set up my voice mail. I am just appalled that a national company like ATT could be such a sorry corporation and that you seem to care so little for those who foolishly purchase your services.

I am to the point that I am going to check with an attorney and see if, based on what has happened so far, I can get out of my contract. This has been one of the most stressful situations I have ever dealt with.

I so regret ever getting involved with you. Upset, no, disappointed is a better term. I heard an ad from ATT for what sounded like a discount program for disabled folks. Food Stamps — yes. Disabled Vets — No. I have never missed a payment until recently when my husband lost his job. My husband depends on it to search for and submit job applications and our daughter depends on it for school.

She has learning and emotional disabilities that make it difficult for her to attend regular classes. She attends virtual academy which are on-line classes offered by our local school. Sure, we will be glad to make payment arrangements. We will not turn internet back on until payment is made in full. Your husband cannot look for a job. Your daughter cannot attend school. Let me get this straight.

I can make payments. I still will not have service. Therefore, I have no reason to make payments. I assume my account will be sent to collections. That is way, way, way less than I was proposing under a payment plan. My husband does have a cell phone contract and he uses the phone for business. When he gets another job, he can get a cheaper plan elsewhere. Driver complaint—Canton, Michigan Driver of vehicle B goes through with an unprotected left turn while I was attempting to go straight through my green light.

I had to stop short in the intersection to avoid being hit T-boned by the truck. I had a heart procedure it was a last minute thing. Because of the risk, heart attack or death. He felt he should be there. Well I found out after getting home that he was put on suspension the next day without pay for taking off to be at the hospital for my procedure. They want responsible hard working employees and then they treat them like dirt.

That to me is as low as you can go. I have been trying for 3 days to cancel my uverse. All I do is get put on perpetual hold. I then came home and tried to call only to be placed on hold again. They have no need to offer proper customer service or care whether or not you use them. They own the phone line rights. That is supposed to be illegal but they also happen to service the US Government, so they pretty much get to do whatever they please.

The salesperson and I went through every criterion on her ipad since different salesperson has his or her own interpretation for selling the switch promotion. Now Sprint put me under collection since May as I expected as that time I should received the rebate card to pay off the final bill. I mailed out in early April Now the third time I spoke with the processing center, they told me I had to pay off the final bill from Sprint from the first place.

This is a joke and horrible. I read what I saw and the sales manager reminded me not to pay until i received the final bill from Sprint. Totally unbelievable and horrrible person! They made the mistake for reading impairment and continue to procrastinate my process. What a horrible corporation! I have never had a pleasant experience when calling. I have spoken to 5 reps and nothing is resolved.

There's no way I'd ever go back to this store. One of the employees had hickies all over his neck unless he was attacked by a wild animal I went to the Store, for the first time, asking to add a line to my account, which I have for 4. Jason, sales representative I gue…. Website Special Offers More Info. Website Video More Info. Add to mybook Remove from mybook Added to your home collection!

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